Wednesday, November 3, 2010

307. A different direction

Being primarily responsible for the day-to-day care of his three children, was not something Terry had envisaged. In fact, Terry had not envisaged having children at all. He had spent the first thirty-four years of his life looking after Terry, and not doing that particularly successfully. He was good at gallivanting the world. He was good at earning money, but even better at spending it. As for making a commitment – forget it!

That was until he met Meredith. Just the name should have been enough to bring him up short. Until he caught sight of Meredith across a bar, he had always ended up with leggy blondes like Amber or Jasmine. Until he met Meredith, relationships were good for a couple of nights, a week at the outside.

But, then he met Meredith, and it was like a brain transplant. Now he is the house-husband and Meredith is the bread-winner.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes one of those interesting twists in the modern world.