Friday, November 12, 2010

316. Lots of fun

Evan adored bath time, when his daddy clambered into the big bath and reached out and took Evan from his mother’s arms. Evan loved to feel the water slosh around his body. Eventually, he learnt to move his feet and slosh the water himself.

When he could sit up by himself, and after his mummy and his daddy overcame their fear of him toppling and disappearing under the water forever, Evan would sit at the round end of the bath with his toys. Some toys were soft and could be squeezed full of water. When they were full, Evan’s daddy would then squeeze the water out of the soft toys right onto Evan’s tummy.

Other toys were made of hard plastic and would simply bob around on the surface of the bath water, hoping that Evan’ imagination would bring them to life so that they could enjoy bath time, too.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Ages since I have had the time to look in this wonderful space so I am going to read through a few today.

I think there was perhaps an interesting angle to follow in the last paragraph .. waiting for Evan to bring them to life.

Julie said...

I was concerned when I saw you had gone back this far! Please don't try to cover too many. It wears me out, that-alone you.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh but I love these little stories. It's sheer pleasure reading them when I have the time. I find the longer stories much harder to get to. I read one of your longer ones the other day on my iPhone on the train, the writing is getting very strong and enjoyable but I have not had time to think through and make a comment ... maybe next week or over Christmas holidays.

Sorry to wear you out with all my comments -- because you have been so kind to add return comments, which I in turn enjoyed reading.