Thursday, November 11, 2010

315 .Give me your answer do

Ricardo and Saul were having a lot of difficulty letting go. Letting go of their friendship. It’s not what you think. Not yet, and probably not ever. But it is something they both know they have to address.

They were born two weeks apart, and they grew up in adjoining houses. It’s not as if their mothers were even friends, or anything. But well before the boys went to school, their fathers had to build a gate in the fence. The boys just ‘clicked’. They liked sport. They liked cartoons. They like woodwork. And they liked the same style of girl.

It is since they went on to study architecture that they realise they have to do ‘things’ separately, without each other. They are discovering that double-dating is not an attractive proposition for young women. They are also realising that THEY want to ease back. And they find that sad.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Has me wondering what it is like to be a twin,