Tuesday, November 16, 2010

320. For whose best?

Marion and Bruce are in a quandary. They have lived in the same house for nearly fifty years, since 1964 precisely. Now their children are angling for a change, and Marion and Bruce are not sure they like it. To be precise, they are implacably opposed to any change whatsoever. But this couple have ever been thus.

They grew to maturity in an earlier age, a more gentile, private age, where people lived in the privacy of their front parlour.

They regret agreeing to have the old house painted, but could see the preservation value and it did return the old girl to the condition that they fell in love with. But no! They are not going to move. Marion stamps her delicately shoed foot. Bruce furrows his brow and pouts his lower lip. And they both dig in their heels. No. Not now. Not ever, except in a box.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Go for it Marion and Bruce ... I'm on your side. Doesn't look like they have any lawn to mow.

Julie said...


Today, according to the radar, there will be minimal rain, and lots of sun. I suspect by Christmas, your house will be window-sill deep in jungle.

Joan Elizabeth said...

* grin * wet and green week series starting on Burnbrae Journal tomorrow. The jungle is already rising even without the sun. I attended the Cathedral this morning so down in Sydney ... jolly hot down there in comparison to here where it is still raining.

rallentanda said...

Oh, I love this house...love the new paint job...all the features are in tact...must have been difficult to leave this old girl.