Monday, November 1, 2010

305. Vive la difference

As he waddled down the hallway, Harry’s cloth nappy slid down his stumpy legs until he was tripped up. He fell flat on his face and the predictable wail erupted as he went down. However, his pudgy hands never let go of his new trike. Jessie was so pleased she bought it for him. Others said it was too old for him, but mothers generally head in the right direction, at about the right time.

Into her head flashed the look on his face the moment he caught sight of the gleaming blue and yellow trike. Then, with his hands on the saddle, he pushed the trike into the nearest wall. The flash of electrical excitement that pulsed through his being captivated her on more than one level. However, the next moment nonplussed her.

He turned it upside-down and, swear to God, he tried to determine how the trike worked.

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Brian Miller said...

ha. my youngest loves to take things apart...he's old enough to use a screwdriver too so thats a bit scary...