Friday, November 5, 2010

309. Treading the boards

Paddy and O’Shea first played together in the late ‘60s at the Folk Music Club in the Tighes Hill Technical College, and had been carousing noisily together ever since. Not that they earned a living at it, mind. Well, not a full living. Sure, they earned a few bob – enough to keep the wolf from the door, but insufficient to service a mortgage. So for both of them, it was a case of not giving up the day job.

So Paddy went on to gainful employment as an accountant, chartered no less, much to O’Shea’s eternal mirth. Not that he was much better, but at least he gained street-cred by becoming a motor mechanic. They had kids, married, divorced and re-partnered. But the two of them remained as solid as the day they first fronted a microphone together. Their love affair with performing was a blessing shared with their audiences


Brian Miller said...

smiles. nice. have you ever seen the movie Once?

Julie said...

Yes, yes, I did but it has been all but erased from my memory, Brian. I must get a copy. I remember feeling perplexed by the ending ... emotionally.

I know where I can get a copy at the right price ...