Friday, November 19, 2010

323. What little girls are made of

Ava, Millie and Charlotte have been learning ballet together since the beginning of this year. Their mothers first met not long after the girls were born, and the friendship has lasted – both between the mothers and between the daughters. The girls are the ones who pushed to learn ballet. Early on they loved to twirl and sway, to skip and to hop. They loved the feel of fine fabric against their legs. Then, Charlotte saw part of a ballet on ‘Play School’ and the bug bit.

Today, they are waiting for their first performance at the Opera House. When I say performance, that is true and yet also false. The ‘Babies Ballet’ is having an interactive session in one of the studios, and the girls have been chosen to demonstrate steps to show other children that it is possible for them to do just what the ballet artistes are demonstrating.


bitingmidge said...

How right you are: girls were born to twirl and sway and and skip and hop!

Boys, from my observation, seem to be born to shoulder charge.

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Julie said...


I love your comments. You have made my day, Pierre.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I look at those little girls and sigh .. I remember the ballet of the rose that I choreographed as a weeny dot about their age ... but I would have died to have a dress like that in something other than my imagination.