Sunday, October 31, 2010

304. Brain transplant and other BBQ stoppers

Jennie worried about Eve after Aidan’s birth. Eve was forever preoccupied. To Jennie it was not just the exponential nature of the physical workload of her sister, but more the change in the way that Eve now thought.

They still met for coffee once a week, but the time could no longer be mid-morning because that interrupted Aidan’s routine. The day had to be changed because that was play-group day. It was not as though Jennie had her nose out of joint, with a feeling of being relegated to a second-class citizen. She enjoyed the increased contact she now had with her sister, the asking for advice, the testing of new ideas. It was just that the baby crowded out all other topics of conversation.

Gone was the intellectual challenge of issues like a carbon tax, or equitable sharing of water resources - replaced by sleep patterns and breast feeding.


Brian Miller said...

smiles.all too real...when kids enter the picture life changes dramatically not only for the fam but friends as well....

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yeh I relate. I lost many of my friends into that world for 20 years only for them come back and be snatched away by grand children!