Wednesday, October 13, 2010

286. Window shopping

Some people dream dreams secure enough to move into. Not every person, for dreams are difficult imaginings to contain. They run and jump, they change shape depending on the angle of light. A dream can evaporate suddenly and no matter how high you jump, you cannot grab hold of its string. It eludes you.

Annie held down a solid job in the city. A job that afforded the luxury of a modest two-bedder in an inner-suburb, should she so dream.

Annie wasn’t a dreamer in the Women’s Weekly sense, where dreams are there to taunt rather than touch. Nor were her dreams in the faux-inspirational vein of a Kennedy eulogy where they ‘dream things that never were and say why not’. Oh no, Annie’s dreams were tinged with a refreshing streak of pragmatism. Annie was a grounded person who balanced her rights with her responsibilities; her dreaming with her achieving.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I like this. Has me thinking about my own dreams. I don't much care for window shopping except in real estate windows ... so I think there is a bit of Annie in me.

Julie said...

I abhor window shopping. I had a gutful of it in Europe!! I waited outside whilst my friend went inside. I had my camera to keep me warm.

I like dreaming though. And working out which dream to make real ...

I have a doozie of a dream at the moment. But you might have to read my new paris blog to follow its trajectory.