Thursday, October 28, 2010

301. That sinking feeling

If anything, this entire wasted afternoon proved just one thing to Bernard. He saw with his brain, not with his eyes. His eyes were useless. They kept telling him that she was nowhere in sight, that the woman bouncing along with the raven tresses and cherry red handbag looked liked Tessa, but wasn’t Tessa. His eyes used obvious characteristics like walk, body shape, or height to eliminate each woman who broached the bridge. What an exercise in futility.

But, let his brain take over, and Bernard was happily wave-lengthed. The cherry red handbag reminded him of Tessa because of the raven tresses. The stunner with the FMBs reminded him of Tessa because her legs were all the way up to there. The vertically challenged blonde reminded him of Tessa because she wiggled when she walked, and giggled when she talked.

He soared with his brain, and plummeted with his eyes.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Lovely balance here. I really like this story.