Thursday, October 7, 2010

280. The red bike

For his eight birthday, Jason was given a shiny red bike by his grandparents. Jason had always wanted a bike, not necessarily a shiny red one, any old bike would do. Then he could go down the park with Cecile and Leon.

They had bikes already, did Cecile and Leon. Their bikes were not red, and they were no longer shiny. They rode them everywhere, up the track beside the stream, over the bridge to the shop for a chocolate paddle pop when the sun rose strong and mighty. Jason liked Cecile and Leon.

They let him join in, even before he had a bike. They taught him how to balance and how to steer. He learned to stand on the pedals going up a hill. He learned how not to cry when he came a buster.

Jason could not wait to take the shine off his new red bike.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Same comment as below ... though this is a childhood story I am not touched by the style and rhythm unlike your usual rich writing which I love.

Julie said...

Interesting that it is something you are reacting to in this way.