Tuesday, October 12, 2010

285. They do things differently nowadays

Heloise and Paul did not aspire to a mcmansion in the ‘burbs. Indeed, they did not aspire. They were not acquisitive, but, along with many of their generation, were of the experiential classes. And the chattering classes, that endless commentariat on other people’s lives.

They worked hard during the week, long hours at a job that paid them well and gave them personal satisfaction. They well invested the aspirations of their parents, although said parents were hard pressed to concur with the trajectory. Heloise and Paul were appreciative, but refused to duplicate a life-style that had run its course. They plotted by different stars.

They were content with a modest bungalow, or small walk-up apartment deep within the chaos of multicultural urbanity. Hence, we find them here, at Five-Ways, taking brunch on a Sunday early in Spring, their table laden with Bircher Muesli, couscous and snippets of green, coffee steaming.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Nicely captured pen picture of the younger set.

Julie said...

I come up against this different approach to life again and again. Not just in my own children, but in the children of friends. Everyone I know aged from 28 to 40.

Francisca said...

Don't know why or even how I ended up at this post of yours, Julie (I'm just surfing around a bit), but I can tell you that your description not only fits the 28-40 crowd. It fits me to a tee. I'm 55. I have always had a list of things to do, rather than to have. My priorities were always quite different from most "conventional" people of my generation. Not to say I think you're wrong; there have always been people who buck convention. And perhaps the younger generation does see more options than collecting things. That would be nice indeed.

Julie said...

Yes, I appreciate that, that there have always been different drummers. Just that their numbers have been significantly swelled in this generation. Personally, I believe it to be the way to go but only came to that realisation recently and I am 62. All my assets are in cash, and I am looking toward 'doing' for the rest of my life, where possible.