Tuesday, October 5, 2010

278. Miss Scarlet in the Billiard Room with a Candlestick

Stealthily, Miss Scarlet picked her way down the rickety stair-case. In a reprobate kind of way, she was looking forward to this. Visions swayed before her of the heavy metal object coming into contact with the shining skull of her dull-witted, but terribly wealthy, father-in-law. Her heart fluttered, as her resolve strengthened.

Oh, to have done with it. To have him out of the way. To watch as tiny sprays of dark red blood, fanned across the alabaster plaster of his stuffy wood-panelled Billiard Room. In her haste, the terribly vain Miss Scarlet failed to remember the third stair from the bottom. A loud crack resounded up the stairwell and along the tiled foyer. Miss Scarlet froze, her heart pounding, her stomach heaving.

Flattened along the wall, she heard footsteps approach the heavily embossed door.

“Who’s there?’

With one mighty heave, Miss Scarlet laid the candlestick into his gleaming skull.


Joan Elizabeth said...

How did you get that photo -- it's so Miss Scarlet.

Julie said...

Toward the end of August, my very good friend, Diane, visited from Melbourne. We took my daughter, Kirsten, to lunch at Doyles in Watson's Bay. Di gave Alannah this gift which is actually a very sweet musical bear ... I just take liberties and call them creative imaginings!!!