Friday, October 29, 2010

302. Bringing up baby

To Grace it was as though her life had imploded, that circumstances were rotating until she yelled ‘Stop! I want to get off!’ And yet, she had entered this brave new reality freely, enthusiastically. What had she been thinking?

Clotilde was a challenge, but a challenge of Grace’s own making. At playgroup last week, the conversation had revolved around that hoary chestnut of ‘nature vs nurture’. Grace put time, thought and energy – and considerable love - into her time with Clotilde, and she was a bright little button. But, maybe she was always going to be thus. Tickling her daughter under the armpits, Grace rejoiced in the gurgle of laughter that erupted as the fragile head was thrown to the skies.

The analysis of potential market share for the start-up due on Monday would have to be completed in the early hours. Grace would eventually weather this paucity of time.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

While I agree about the paucity of time thought I feel as if it cuts into the pace of this story. Possibly because it breaks into the connection you have formed between mother and child.