Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hardly softly

Without so much
as a by-your-leave
it lodged in her brain.
Bent over the washing-up
before the Big Brother final
she didn't hear it knock -
the lodger.

facilitating unauthorised usage -
a trojan horse
by MI5
out of Mossad.
Dressed to kill
a geek bearing
the gift of death.

Cut it out.
Zap it out.
Nuke it out.
Before it oozes -
Before it multiplies -
into the folds of the cerebellum.

Dull eyes staring.
Dry eyes crying.

Younger than Christ.
Trust me -
there is no god.

Written in response to aprompt from the Tenth Daughter of Memory, a writers' collective
To M and JD - with respect


Brian Miller said...

wow. i had to go back and read it again once i got to the end...nice pow there at the end....

PattiKen said...

I'm not sure I understood the poem. At first I was thinking computer virus, But the last three stanzas didn't seem to tie in with that.

I really liked the first stanza.

Maha said...

it read a lot like what Muse or Radiohead sing. Nice poem.

JeffScape said...

I think I see an Inception nod in this. Intriguing.

Baino said...

I wasnt too sure what's going on here but then I'm a dolt when it comes to poetry. Good thematic interpretation tho. Hope you enjoyed France?

Julie said...

Mmm ... not sure that I am comfortable about doing this ... but ...

This is the story of the young wife of a friend who had a very small brain tumour, which has now transformed into brain cancer.
And yes, I take that and compare it with the concept of a Trojan horse. There is also a computer virus known as a TH ...

PattiKen said...

Ah, reading it again with that in mind makes it all come together, Julie. But this is poetry. Don't ever feel like you have to explain it. You know what it means, and if we dolts don't get it, our loss.

Julie said...

But much of my writing borders on the poetic, with waves of interwoven meaning. Even much of my prose could be made to have the measured form of verse, simply by pressing the 'enter' key appropriately.

I like to give my readers work to do, but I am also stung by the concept of 'accessibility'.

For example, if you read the prose work about Robbie and his deaf-mute parents, you will find layers of meaning relating to the senses and the individual's path to self-discovery.

It is just the sort of stuff that comes out ...

Julie said...

I have googled 'Inception' but that is not a film I am ever likely to see. I dom't know the lyrics (or music) of either Muse or Radiohead.

All a coincidence.

Tom said...

more than meaning, the poem has a nice flow to it. but thanks for the help--gives the mind a little somethin extra to work with

Anonymous said...

I had the idea it was about some kind of invasive disease for a moment... but only because I had heard one described as a Trojan Horse before. Reading your comment really made it all come through for me. Very neat take on the Muse!

Not For Jellyfish said...

I had a bit of a moment of thinking disease and then thought myself right out of it til your clarification, which I appreciate.