Wednesday, October 6, 2010

279. Clarrie's living room

Clarrie was the third youngest of nine. His mother loved him very much. He was short and stocky with a shock of blonde curls. But he slipped through the cracks, did Clarrie. That can sometimes happen when there are nine and there are limited resources to stop up the cracks. So Clarrie slipped through early, and was well gone by the time he should have gone into high school.

Clarrie wandered along beneath the floor boards for a long time, he was a ‘borrower’ before Mary Norton ever created them, and besides, Clarrie grew up. He was dragged up really, along the rough edges of the street. Until he got to this place, this living room.

Clarrie’s living room is on the concourse outside Central Station. Many people share Clarrie’s living room, both as borrowers and lenders. The lenders have a van with hot soup. Clarrie is a life-long borrower.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Man I've just discovered dozens of stories out here ... my sidebar was not revealling them. I am feeling too tired for reading tonight so will have to come back.

Thanks for all your catchup comments on my blog. My turn to catch up now.

Julie said...

Your sidebar was not meant to reveal them. It is just me making sure that I am achieving my aim of a story a day for 365 days. I still have some to catch up from when I went to the Kimberleys. The photos are there and the post ready to roll - except for the writing.

I think I did something like 10 stories yesterday. I think my brain was on a suction thing like a stuffed drain. Will try to do somethiong similar tomorrow. I have some interesting images stashed.

But working on a Paris blog too ... cant find the end of the piece of string.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Julie, there is something happening to your writing, simpler but more stilted. Noticed in the previous post and this. Perhaps you have had less time to craft or maybe trying something different.

The constant repetition of Clarrie makes it sound like a children's story which is isn't.

Julie said...

Yes, there is. It is deliberate and is influenced by two things.

Firstly, I have been reading a book by Haruki Murakami called 'After Dark' who engages a minimalist approach to sentence structure.

Secondly, the writer's collective that I have been engaging in prefer a different style of writing and even different genres than I would normally engage in. I want to experiment and see if I can change my style and also write murder mysteries and sci-fi.

I will try to write some of my usual style too. I classify my usual style as rich and multi-layered.