Sunday, October 3, 2010

276. Here we go round the mulberry bush

The camera sweeps down low over the stationary man. He stands with coffee in hand. Beside him, dog waits patiently. He continues a gentle rocking of the stroller. Inside the stroller, one male child is refusing to respond appropriately. The camera backs off to observe this figure in context.

The afternoon eases into evening. But there is a problem here. Our camera is confused. It sees only men. Young men striding purposefully. Why are these young men in this suburban intersection, unaccompanied by young women? Where are all the mothers, and sisters, and aunts?

We zoom in searching for evidence to the contrary. The attentive whippet is accompanied by a small kelpie. Our eye is attracted by the red chairs in the background. Ah, two humans of the female variety and another child. Our eagle eye notes the beagle cleaning up scraps from the table.

God is in his heaven.


Joan Elizabeth said...

A flaneur at work.

Julie said...

Hadn't thought about that angle, but yes this is probably what my eye saw when taking the image. I like people striding ...

But the text I was trying to ape the style of Murakami in 'After Dark' ... sentence structure plus his bloody camera!