Friday, October 22, 2010

295. Howdy Neighbour

Robert lives alone in a second floor walk-up beside a park. He has a balcony but not a courtyard. The balcony is of the ‘juliet’ variety, meaning not sufficient room to swing a cat. Robert is not totally alone. He lives with Milly, the Maltese Terrier.

Milly had belonged to, Marianne, one of Robert’s many girl-friends through the years. However, she accepted a promotion to a bigger and better position within her financial services company which involved a transfer to Montreal. Hence, Robert and Milly were thrown together and eventually reached an accommodation on the new circumstances. It was not easy, as they both have a healthy opinion of their own attraction.

Each evening when Robert returned home, Milly was waiting, and looking at her lead. She adores the park, with its immense variety of other dogs. Robert enjoys the park, too, with its immense variety of young, attractive women.


Brian Miller said...

and nothing like a nice dog or baby to attract them...sounds lik ethey make a great team in that regards...smiles.

i wonder do you see these people, know them or create them?

Julie said...

Totally create them, Brian. It is my daily writing exercise. Of course, people and events are never fully 'made up', being more often than not, based upon something/someone in reality - an amalgam. I find this short exercise, which requires character and 'plot' is standing me in good stead for the longer works I am now embarking upon. As are you. What was the shoesalesman - 5,000 words?

Joan Elizabeth said...

You've guessed it. I don't like this writing style.

Short and simple does not mean stilted or repetitive and sing songlike.

My writing style is actually rather short and simple and is just plain juvenile in comparison to your beautifully written and observed stories.

Julie said...

Ah, I had not twigged that this would be one that would have that reaction from you. I shall have to take care. I want to be able to distinguish between the varying styles in which I write, NOT have them merge imperceptively.