Friday, December 3, 2010

337. The fruit of the vine

Julie enjoys connecting with her wider family, indeed wonders why she had not done so years earlier than now. She is humbled that they welcome her into their homes, yet at the same time, she is mortified that her own branch of the family is so distant and cold. Cousins all, descendents of two brothers who could not be more dissimilar if they tried. Which, Julie was just now starting to realise, maybe they had.

Just the previous evening, her own daughter had sent Julie an article entitled ‘Siblings share genes, but rarely personalities’, and this covered the gamut of differences that she could discern between her father and his elder brother. Gordon was jovial and outgoing, a networker with a big personality. Laurie was sullen and withdrawn, a loner with a mean and stubborn streak.

They say, the fruit of the vine does not fall far from the tree.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

I had trouble liking my elder sister. As far as I know there was no good reason, just that she was older. She died 15 years or so ago ... so I never did figure it out.