Thursday, December 23, 2010

357. Every so often life surprises

Elise was peeved because her pink gloves had perished and she had to do the dishes by hand. Would that she had a brand-spanking machine like Nerida next door.

Nerida was a puzzlement really. You could swear she was all show with nothing on the inside. What with her navy blue immaculate French-cut nails and her hair always immaculately coiffed. Elise would never dream of wearing a linen skirt, as the creases would just emphasise her pudgey backside. Nothing like this would sway Nerida; linen skirts would never dream of creasing on her. They wouldn't dare. It was easy to judge this book by its cover.

Until her Rodney died.
Until her Rodney died, Elise had no need to look to Nerida's interior.

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