Friday, December 24, 2010

358 Cecile's folly

Some ideas just don't have legs. But it is very hard to persuade certain people of this once their heart is set upon something. Cecile was one such person.

Cecile had worked her entire life in a factory in Marrickville as a machinist. Then when she was 57 she won some money in lotto. That was how she expressed it in public, but the reality of the situation was that Cecile won some few million dollars, just slightly less than ten. She and Henry had never known such wealth, and had no idea what to do with it. They did not talk about it with friends, because they might think they had tickets on themselves. They did not talk about it with a financial adviser, because he might suggest the stock market or government bonds.

Cecile and Henry wanted to invest in bricks an mortar. Something to take them away from the industrial wasteland that had been their lot in life until now.

So, they invested in a Bed & Breakfast. As a hobby. To keep them in their old age.

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