Monday, December 13, 2010

347. Dirty pretty things

Her blood singing within her veins, Nicolette flutters around her shop, checking that all is in readiness. Not that she expects a flood of customers on her opening day, but she likes things to be just so. This is a big week for her. Three years out of CoFA and opening her own shop-front, with two rooms out the back, one for design and the other for sewing.

Nicolette stands on the front steps and surveys her new world. She thinks she has chosen her site well. What is it they say? Position, position, position? This intersection says it all for her. It is away from the hurly-burly of the food precinct, yet nestled nicely up against galleries and home-furnishing establishments.

She turns to check her window display yet again, and chuckles, remembering her mother’s bewilderment over signage. Nicolette enjoys the tension within the name: it speaks her street language.


diane said...

Fraying the edges all right.

Julie said...

I quite like this shop-front.

Joan Elizabeth said...

There's a story to be found everywhere.