Tuesday, December 14, 2010

348. She claims a right

Barbara has lived beside Olive Lane for over forty years now. She has expectations; she has rights; she has a voice. There are ways of behaving that are considerate, and nice. Building a new retirement home on the other side of Olive Lane is not playing the game according to the rules. To Barbara’s rules – the ones she wishes constrained the world.

Think of the huge number of trees that will have to be removed and the amount of carbon dioxide left to rot the atmosphere. Think of the increase in the number of vehicles each day that will clog the narrow local streets. And then, there are the increased movements of delivery and service vehicles. And there will be ambulances at all hours of the day and night taking away the bodies of the deceased. The height of the building will block the sun.

It will just not do.


diane said...


Julie said...


And I had to sit next to her at the public meeting about the Environmenbtal Plan. She looked toward me for support.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Progress must have it's way .. the new bike path whizzes along a corner of our property but not the whole length of it thank goodness. Actually I just thought of a bright spot ... that bit was awfully hard to mow.

rallentanda said...

I'm with Barbara. Paddington is the only almost in tact suburb left in Sydney.