Thursday, December 9, 2010

343. Domestic disputations

There is a tug-of-war over which animal is Man’s-Better-Friend, the dog or the cat.

A dog is faithful and loving; a dog is full of enthusiasm and wants to play; a dog is loyal. When its human says ‘Stop’, a dog will stop. When its human says ‘Fetch’ a dog will fetch. Dogs are known to be outgoing, enthusiastic, and adaptable, and to be happy wherever their human is.

I have lived with cats nearly all my life. I like dogs, but I prefer cats. Cats are emotionally mature, whereas dogs rely on the love of a human for their emotional stability. Both my cats show affection and give affection. They work with me in the garden and watch television with me.

Moving from house to house has not overly upset them. They seem to be happy, to be able to adapt, provided I live there too – and feed them.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

I like cats but not the hay fever.