Friday, December 17, 2010

351. Wishful thinking

She knew the ivy to be counter-productive, that its beauty would be overwhelmed by its destructiveness. But, the destruction would be then, whereas the beauty is now. She often erred on the side of the present. She never knew what the future may hold; nor whether she would be part of it. Death may intervene. So, the ivy stayed.

Until long after her marriage, which was destructive in the here and now. Interesting how a partnership can be destructive, without either participant wanting it to be, or being so in themselves. It is in the coming together that the capacity for such evil is born. But, a house is not a home, nor does the presence of beauty make it so. With other partners, this house could have become a home, a place of joy, and even contentment.

But not in this marriage, under this roof, surrounded by her ivy.

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