Sunday, December 19, 2010

353.Other times, other manners

This is what she said, but in another language altogether. Which no doubt carried other connotations. But, I understood her meaning, and did not chastise her cliché. For what is a cliché if not a vehicle for truth over time. Things were done differently in the past, is what she wanted to say, and which I understood, from the cliché. Others may have chastised, if they felt awkward, if it limited their understanding, if they felt inadequate. Perhaps, for some, a cliché carries too much of the minutae of past learnings.

Maybe for some, this stairway from the road to a park, is dangerous and should be replaced. But I find it charming. A reminder that, in the past, we were not so hung up with public liability. We expected citizens to look out for themselves, to take due care. Now we live in a nanny state, with apron strings.

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