Wednesday, December 15, 2010

349. The road is long

Valerie’s head spun. It seemed filled with the softest of down. Her path became obscured, but she trusted her sense of direction. On either side of her, the way was blocked, and impediments of all colour and size shaped her progress. Knowing not whether to watch where she trod or where she was going, she became confused and lost heart.

She paused a moment. She reflected upon her purpose. Did she want to get somewhere by a specific hour? Was this a necessary pathway for getting from one point to another across the hillside? Or was there time to simply smell the roses?

She turned from the way ahead to the flowers tumbling over the brick wall to her left. She reached out her hand, turning the delicate white petals to face her. She took a deep draught of their heady aroma.

Then she turned, and continued down the laneway.

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